Analysis & simulation


Analysis & Simulation processes form an integral part of company’s product development lifecycle. Companies use analysis and simulation services to evaluate performance, enhance quality, and improve product innovation.

Social Life InfoTech Private Limited offers a focused spectrum of Analysis and Simulation Services to provide value throughout the process of developing new products, equipment and manufacturing processes.

We can provide assistance not only in the operation of our software applications, but in the implementation of our simulation solutions which can drive increased product quality, reduced costs and measurable gains in process efficiency. Our services are aimed at providing better use and insight into the application of our software products.

Today, companies need to ensure products meet performance criteria and improve "time-to-market" amidst increasing pressure to reduce manufacturing costs. Extencore's extensive FEA knowledgebase allows companies to achieve these goals. Our expertise ranges from analysis of small electronic capacitors through thermal & structural couplefield analysis to transient thermal analysis of nuclear pressure containers and more. Our experts use state-of-the-art analysis software and virtual prototyping, which is vital in reducing costly time-consuming testing cycles.